The Author of Amazon’s Bestselling Motivational Novel Christopher Kiblin Has Been Making Waves Amongst Readers

“There is no success without hardship.” – Sophocles

When we look at successful people, the general perception is that they must be lucky to reach a particular position. However, that is hardly ever the case. Successful people attribute their accomplishments to their hard work. We see all they have achieved, but we don’t know about the hurdles and hardships they faced to get where they are today. Every successful person has a back story that reveals what they endured to be successful.

Success is not easy to achieve; one goes through various obstacles to achieve their goal and, in the process, mold themselves into a better version of themselves. Their journey does not end when they have achieved their goal; they keep on striving and continue to share the lessons they’ve learned over time.

Christopher Kiblin is one such person who has made it big, but he too had to face a lot of challenges, failures, disappointments, and hardships on his way to success.

Kiblin is not only a successful Area Branch Leader at Movement Mortgage, but he is also among the top 1% of Mortgage Loan Officers in the Country. Moreover, he is a motivational speaker and the author of Amazon’s bestselling book titled ‘Own Your Day: 30 Days to Greatness’.

Besides, he holds multiple certificates such as the Grant Cardone Ambassador Program, John Maxwell Master Coaching, and DISC Program. Wait, there is more! Kiblin is also an army veteran. Through sheer hard work and dedication, he learned to lead a disciplined life as well as get a job well done.

Kiblin’s own story is an interesting one. When he was just a year old, his parents divorced. Instead of fading away as children of divorced parents sometimes do, Christopher Kiblin had a plan to lead a successful life. He knew from an early age that he would have to work hard to achieve his goals.

When his friends were out playing, 11-year-old Kiblin began working. Of course, the road was not smooth for him, and he had to go through many ups and downs in his life. However, he did not let the challenges pull him down and instead used this as fuel to move forward. He struggled in school and even took extra classes for English. But he did not let any hurdle slow him down. Kiblin overcame his problem and has also authored Amazon’s bestselling motivational book. Now that’s what we call inspiring.

After finishing high school, he joined the army to learn the discipline of leading a better life. When he left the army, he married Debbie and had two sons, Alex and Brice. He may have wandered off the path, but the birth of his first son gave him a reason to keep on working to succeed in life. Though Kiblin didn’t have it easy, he didn’t get frustrated and braved the storms.

He spent a lot of time helping raise his two sons, and it took another plunge at the age of 45 to make him realize that he needed to change who he was. And he began his tough journey again, rising from a bottom feeder loan officer to being in the top 1% of all loan officers in the country. So, it won’t be wrong to say that he knows what it feels like to struggle to move ahead.

Like every successful person, Christopher Kiblin knows hard work and determination is the only way to achieve one’s goals. He knows there are no shortcuts, and one can only thrive through hard work and determination. Having walked the walk, he wanted to give back to society. Kiblin wanted to use his experience and knowledge to help others prepare themselves for the long run, and hence he decided to write a book, which later turned out to be a bestseller. In his book, ‘Own Your Day: 30 Days to Greatness,’ he tells the readers how he came up with a game plan to turn his life around in just 30 days and the tremendous amount of success he witnessed in both his professional and personal life.

Since Kiblin’s book came out in 2020, it has been making waves among the readers mainly because he shares his secret to success. According to the author of Amazon’s bestselling book, he loved what he was doing, so he thought to write a book and help as many people as possible.

Christopher Kiblin goes by the philosophy that I have one life, I will live it to the fullest, and I want to succeed in all aspects of life. And that is exactly what his book is all about. He tells his readers that having the right mindset is crucial to changing one’s life. His motto in life is to “attack the day before the day attacks you.”

Moreover, Kiblin also has a podcast called Real Hustle Podcast, where he guides people on how to achieve their goals and keep moving forward – and what better way to do this than using media to reach out and help more people. Chris uses his podcast to highlight accomplished people in their perspective fields, motivating his audience to get inspired. He reveals what it takes to be prosperous in life.

Christopher Kiblin’s book summarizes his years of work and hardships, guiding others who may be struggling to change their lives for the better in a matter of just 30 days.

The Author of Amazon’s Bestselling Motivational Novel Christopher Kiblin Has Been Making Waves Amongst Readers


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